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The Steeles
We Want America Back-The Steeles
I Got Up And Went-The Steeles
On The Road To Emmans-The Steeles
For The Sake Of The Children-The Steeles
Such A Time As This-The Steeles
Holy Ghost Revival-The Steeles

Healing Touch-Heirline
I've Made My Mind Up-Heirline
My Mama's Prayer
Oceans Of Grace-Heirline
You'll Never Run Out Of The Blood- Heirline
My Shadow-Heirline
That's When I'll Know I'm Home- Heirline
Holy Ghost-Heirline
My Home-Heirline
I'm Gonna Reach Heaven- Heirline
Lord Send A Refuge-Heirline
Garden Of Stone-Heirline
There You Are-Heirline

The Conners
Just Like The Wind-The Conners
Just Like Jesus,Forgive & Forget- The Conners
God Gave His Best-The Conners
Only The Blood-The Conners

The Isaacs
I Have A Father-The Isaacs
I Found It All In The Blood- The Isaacs
Stand Still-The Isaacs
I've Come To Take You Home-The Isaacs

The Goodmans
I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now-The Happy Goodmans
Sweet Hour Of Prayer-The Happy Goodmans
I'm Living In Canna Land-The Happy Goodmans
The Goodmans Family Story- The Happy Goodmans
Born To Serve-The Happy Goodmans
I'm Too Near Home-The Happy Goodmans
Touch Of The Masters Hand-The Happy Goodmans
The Lighthouse-The Happy Goodmans
I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You-The Happy Goodmans
It's A Wonderful Feeling-The Happy Goodmans
I'm Nearer Home-The Happy Goodmans
Wait Till You See My Brand New Home-The Happy Goodmans

Pat James
Something Money Can't Buy-Pat James
Down On My Knees-Pat James
Tears On The Strings-Pat James
Plug Into The Power-Pat James
One Nation-Pat James

Rita Chadwick
Where One Stands Alone-Rita Chadwick
Shut In With God-Rita Chadwick
God's On The Move-Rita Chadwich
Harvest Time-Rita Chadwick
Let Me Tell You Who Jesus Is-Rita Chadwick
I Love To Feel You Movin-Rita Chadwick
If You Can Believe It-Rita Chadwick
There's Still Power In The Old Rugged Cross-Rita Chadwick

Tim & Lana Chandler
In His Arms-Tim & Lana Chandler
Not The Great I Was-Tim & Lana Chandler
Heaven My Goal-Tim & Lana Chandler
Running This Race-Tim & Lana Chandler
Home Medley-Tim & Lana Chandler
In My Weakest Moment-Tim & Lana Chandler
I Got What I Needed- Tim & Lana Chandler
Chains Gone Set Free-Tim & Lana Chandler

The Kingdom Heirs
He Lifted Me-The Kingdom Heirs
I Love To Call His Name-The Kingdom Heirs
I Know I'm Going There-The Kingdom Heirs

Timothy Spell
When God Unfolds The Rose-Timothy Spell
This Is That-Timothy Spell
Somewhere Around The Throne-Timothy Spell
Cry Out For Mercy_Timothy Spell
I Won't Have To Face The Storm- Timothy Spell
Where Did The Wind Go-Timothy Spell
Thanks To Calvary-Timothy Spell

Michael Combs
Not For Sale-Michael Combs
It Was Me-Michael Combs
Drinkin From My Saucer-Michael Combs
I Know-Michael Combs
Ain't No Middle Ground-Michael Combs
I Have Seen Him-Michael Combs
He Died For All-Michael Combs
Jesus All I Need-Michael Combs
When The Savior Reached Down-Michael Combs
No Wonder The Called Him Savior -Michael Combs

The Freemans
Hello In Heaven-The Freemans
I'm Going Over-The Freemans
He'll Have To Walk Through The Blood-The Freemans
He's Still Been God-The Freemans
Get Up In Jesus Name-The Freemans

CreeAtive Harmony
He's Calling You-CreeAtive Harmony
Holdin On To Jesus-CreeAtive Harmony
Where The Roses Never Fade- CreeAtive Harmony
Take Up Your Cross-CreeAtive Harmony

The Talley Trio
Searchin-The Talley Trio
He Is Here-The Talley Trio
I Know A Man Who Can-The Talley Trio
Jesus Saves-The Talley Trio
Testifty-The Talley Trio
Sweeter As The Days Go By-The Talley Trio
If Had Not Been-The Talley Trio
There's No A Cry-The Talley Trio
Triumphantly The Church Will Rise-The Talley Trio

The Speers
He's Still In The Fire-The Speers
I Never Shall Forget The Day- The Speers
Heaven's Jubilee-The Speers
Wait A Little Longer,Please Jesus- The Speers
I'm Standing On A Solid Rock- The Speers
I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About To Happen-The Speers
I Must Tell Jesus-The Speers

Phril Driscoll
America The Beautiful-Phil Driscoll
I Exalt Thee-Phil Driscoll
Jesus What A Wonder You Are-Phil Driscoll

Lance Appleton
I'm One God Apsotolic-Lance Appelton
This Train-Lance Appelton
The Lights Of Home-Lance Appleton
Oh How I Love Jesus-Lance Appleton
You've Got To Be In The Ship-Lance Appleton

Glen Payne
Climbing Higher & Higher-Glen Payne
In The Depths Of The Sea-Glen Payne
At The Name Of Jesus-Glen Payne
Ride That Glory Train-Glen Payne
We Shall See Jesus-Glen Payne
I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone-Glen Payne

Heaven Bound
When Jesus Reached Down-Heaven Bound
When We Make It To The Other Side-Heaven Bound
Who Am I --Heaven Bound
Jesus Passed By-Heaven Bound
I Know My God Can Do It-Heaven Bound
It's The King- Heaven Bound
Mt.Zion--Heaven Bound
I'm Ready To Move-Heaven Bound
Canaanland Is Just In Sight-Heaven Bound
Glory-Land-Heaven Bound

Brian Free
God So Loved-Brian Free & Assurance
Long As I Got King Jesus-Brian Free & Assurance
There'll Come A Day-Brian Free & Assurance
Where Would You Be-Brian Free & Assurance
It Don't Get Any Better Than This-Brian Free & Assurance

Karen Peck & New River
Go Rest High On That Mountain- Karen Peck & New River
Only Jesus-Karen Peck & New River
When Jesus Passed By
I Wanna Know How It Feels-Karen Peck & New River
Power Of The Holy Ghost-Karen Peck & New River
Four Days Late-Karen Peck New River
Get About God's Business-Karen Peck & New River

The Cathedral
Daystar-The Cathedral
Wedding Music-The Cathedral
We Shall See Jesus-The Cathedral
This Ole House-The Cathedral Quartet
You Can Walk On The Water-The Cathedral
Suppertime-The Cathedral Quartet
Shout Over Heaven-The Cathedral Quartet
Turn Your Radio On-The Cathedral Quartet
My Burdens Are Rolled Away-The Cathedral Quartet
The Unclouded Day-The Cathedral Quartet
Moving Up To Glory Land-The Cathedral Quartet
Healing- The Cathedral
Laughing Song-The Cathedral
Champion Of Love-The Cathedral
I Can See The Hand-The- Cathedral
An Old Convention Song-The Cathedral
Who Can Do Anything-The Cathedral
Can He,Could He,Would He-The Cathedral

Andrea Crouch
It Won't Be Long-Andrea Crouch
Through It All-Andrea Crouch
My Tribute-Andrea Crouch
Jesus Is The Answer-Andrea Crouch
I Surrender All-Andrea Crouch
I've Got Confidence-Andrea Couch Through It All-Andrea Crouch
Take Me Back-Andrea Crouch
Soon & Very Soon-Andreal Crouch

Fred Harmmond
Jesus Be A Fence-Fred Harmmond

Dotties People
I Believe I Can Fly-Dottie People

Sandra Crouch
Completely Yes-Sandra Couch
God Has A Plan-Sandra Crouch

F.C.Barnes & Company
God Delivered-F.C.Barnes
For Your Tears I Died- F.C.Barnes & Company
Trying To Do God's Will- F.C.Barnes & Company
The Lord Has Brought Me-F.C. Barnes & Company
I Won't Be No Stranger There- F.C. Barnes & Company

Donnie McClurkin
Great Is Your Mercy-Donnie McClurkin
We Fall Down-Donnie McClurkin
I'll Trust You Lord-Donnie McClurkin
Lord I Lift Your Name On High- Donnie McClurkin

Shirley Caesar
Jesus,I Love Calling Your Name- Shirley Caesar

James Dewitt Johnson
I've Been Touched-James Dewitt Johnson

James Cleveland
I've Been In The Storm Too Long -James Cleveland

LaShun Pace
Just Because God Said It- LaShun
Emotions-LaShun Pace
Where I Am-LaShun Pace
For My God-LaShun Pace
The Lord Will Make A Way-LaShun Pace

Clark Sisters
Jesus Forevermore-Clark Sisters

Tremaine Hawkins

Changed-Tremaine Hawkins

Goin Up Yonder-Tremaine Hawkins

Greater Vision
He's Still Waiting By The Well-Greater Vision
Just One More Soul-Greater Vision
While Endless Ages Roll- Greater Vision
Faces-Greater Vision
He Is To Me-Greater Vision

The Sons Of Thunder
Wayfaring Stranger-The Sons Of Thunder
I'll Be Satisfied-The Sons Of Thunder
Precious Lord Take My Hand-The Sons Of Thunder
I'm Still Dancin-The Sons Of Thunder
I Got To The Rock-The Sons Of Thunder

Samanthia Cassidy
Lord I Need You-Samanthia Cassidy
Home Sweet Home-Samanthia Cassidy
Come Go With Me-Samanthia Cassidy
Nothing Between-Samanthia Cassidy
I'm Gonna Rest In The Lord- Samanthia Cassidy
I Just Want To Thank You- Samanthia Cassidy

Mike Purkey

I Want To Fill Their Shoes- Mike Purkey
Three Rusty Nails-Mike Purkey
Let's Have Church-Mike Purkey
Hallelujah Anyhow-Mike Purkey
You're Still Lord-Mike Purkey
Heaven Sounding Sweeter-Mike Purkey
Holy Ghost Revival-Mike Purkey
Old Time Feelin-Mike Purkey
The Lord Himself-Mike Purkey
Chains Of Love-Mike Purkey

United Praise
Choir Meldey-United Praise
He Will Carry You-Jonathan Moore/United Praise
Surley The Presents-Barbara Keller/United Praise
It's Not Too Good To Be True- Timothy Bourn/United Praise
Lord,We Give You Glory-Mark Condon/United Praise
I Still Believe In The Church-Kim Ballestero/United Praise
On The Other Side Of Broken-Tim Freeman/United Praise
It Feels LIke Fire-United Praise
Touch Of The Masters Hand-Tammy Trout/United Praise
Thanks-Karen Harding/United Praise
Race-Bobbie Shoemake/United Praise
I'd Rather Have Jesus-United Praise

The Livingstons
Ready To Serve-The Livingston
Oh What A Name-The Livingston
He Believes In Me-The Livingstons

Merciful Heart
God's Amazing Love-Merciful Heart
Back To Calvary-Merciful heart
Thanks To Calvary-Merciful Heart
Just Go To Jesus-Merciful Heart
The Master's Touch-Merciful Heart
Get Ready-Merciful Heart
The Day The Lord Died For Me- Merciful Heart
The Answer Is Just A Prayer Away-Merciful Heart

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